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521 - Tea Leaves - Chinese Character For Tea - Beautiful MountainsTea is possibly the healthiest drink in existence, from its free-radical fighting anti-oxidants, to its uses as a detox and potent liver cleanser. It re-hydrates better than water, contains nothing artificial, and it tastes DELICIOUS! By getting our green tea leaves directly from source, we are able to sell the highest quality at the lowest possible prices! Take a look at what we offer below, and we’re sure you’ll be tempted…



521 - Tea Leaves - Teapot With PeppermintJasmine Green Tea Leaves   |   50 grams – €2.49   |   100 grams – €4.49   |   200 grams – € 7.49   |   300 grams – € 10.49

A light tea that’s delicious cold and has a wonderfully flowery after-taste. This is our mainstay tea, and will, whether it is your first or hundredth cup, delight your taste buds.


521 - Tea Leaves - Beautifully Rolled Green Tea Leaves4 Season Qing Tea Leaves    |   50 grams – €2.99   |   100 grams – €5.49   |   200 grams – € 8.49   |   300 grams – € 10.99

4 Season Qing has experienced a surge in popularity over the last 10-15 years in Asia, and is by far the most difficult taste to describe. Though further along the oxidation spectrum than green tea, 4 Season Qing is still very delicate, and yet delivers a lasting after-taste.


521 - Tea Leaves - Beautiful Wulong TeaWulong Tea Leaves    |   50 grams – €2.49   |   100 grams – €4.49   |   200 grams – € 7.49   |   300 grams – € 10.49

This is actually an Oolong/Green leaf blend, which gives it both depth and an after-taste that becomes more delicious (and addictive) with every cup. Oolong leaves are oxidized longer than green tea leaves, which gives the darker colour and depth of flavour.


521 - Tea Leaves - Yerba MateYerba Mate (Loose Leaf)    |   50 grams – €1.99   |   100 grams – €3.49   |   200 grams – € 6.49   | NEW!

While this is technically NOT A TEA, it is still a delicious leaf based brew that packs a punch! Yerba (a South American favourite) is full of healthy micro-nutrients and stimulant properties which gives you energy like coffee, without the withdrawals.


*The above tea can all be used as part of a green tea meal replacement diet (even the Yerba), or you can use them with our Green Tea Diet Plan which outlines the whole process and includes exercise advice! If you’ve any questions about how to get started, as always, SEND US A MESSAGE and we’ll be glad to help!


521 - Herbal Tea LeavesBrain Boost Tea Leaves (Herbal)    |   100 grams – €5.99   |   NEW!

This potent combination of stimulants, adaptogens, and herbs to help memory and concentration, while also having an exceptional collection of nutrients. A combination of Ashwagandha Root, Gotu Kola, Yerba Mate, Siberian Ginseng, and Gingko Biloba*. 


521 - Herbal Tea LeavesTonic Tea Leaves (Herbal)    |   100 grams – €6.99   |  NEW!

A combination of Liquorice Root, Gingko Biloba, Gotu Kola, Celery Seed, and Fo-ti, this mixture provides herbs believed to rejuvenate and help balance the body*


521 - Herbal Tea LeavesTummy Tea Leaves (Herbal)    |   100 grams – €6.99   |   NEW!

A combination of Marshmallow Root, Yarrow and Marjoram, Tummy Tea is a collection of herbs that help naturally settle the stomach (by helping restore the mucosal lining) and to aid with digestion*


521 - Herbal Tea LeavesDetox Tea Leaves (Herbal)    |   100 grams – €7.49   |   NEW!

A combination of Burdock Root, Clivers, Yellow Dock Root, and Red Clover, Detox Tea is blended to help naturally and gently clear toxins from the lymphatic system*


521 - Herbal Tea LeavesCleanse Tea Leaves (Herbal)    |   100 grams – €5.99   |   NEW!

A combination of Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Yarrow, and Yerba Mate, Cleanse Tea is blended to help naturally and gently cleanse toxins from the body and rejuvenate*


521 - Herbal Tea LeavesQi Tea Leaves (Herbal)    |   100 grams – €7.99   |   NEW!

A classic combination in TCM, Astragulus and Dang Shen (Codonopsis) have been used together for hundreds of years to revitalize and boost the body’s Qi. Qi Tea is blended to help naturally and gently rejuvenate, and acts to stimulate both the immune and digestive system*


Here at 521 we drink a LOT of tea, and are fanatical when it comes to finding the best leaves for our tea. We source all our green tea leaves from Taiwan (Tea Heaven), a country renowned for producing the highest standard of the world’s healthiest drink. While we don’t have the widest range of teas, we have yet to see a Jasmine Green or Qing tea comparable in taste, and haven’t even found our style of Wulong tea available. We also have an extensive range of herbal infusions that are all exceptional quality, and the range is due to grow! Exciting times for those of us who are crazy about all things TEA!


If you’d like to learn more about tea, here is our FAVOURITE resource for brushing up on all things tea leaves! For more about the health benefits of tea, this is a wonderful introduction! And for those who’d like an quick overview (just enough information that you can fool everyone into thinking your an expert), try our TEA-RIFFIC page all about the wonder that is Camellia Sinensis


*Please refer to your doctor before taking any natural herbal supplement.
*521 teas or herbals are not intended to treat any illness or medical condition.
*Store in a safe place and keep out of reach of children.