Strength comes in many different forms…


In the picture above, we can see an illustration of what is (roughly) a 300kg deadlift, and in the picture, below we can see a picture of what lifting weights can do for your physique (when done right). The truth of these pictures is that in both cases exceptional levels of strength are needed. Whether it be arduous dieting, committing to your gym routine AND sticking with it, persevering on those days when you just don’t feel up to it, or pushing yourself past anything you believed you were capable of. These are all different strength skills necessary to achieve what’s in these pictures, and the carryover to your daily life is immense (far beyond what you expect). Countless studies have shown exercising (excuse the pun) your willpower, strengthens it across the board, and you will see its benefit it in other areas of your life. Strength is invigorating, protective, healthy, satisfying, character building, and above all else fun.
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From bar bending deadlifts, to the ability to deal with all of life’s problems in a manner befitting someone who feels confident in their ability to cope, and is thankful for all everything they have. No matter how you wish to classify it, strength by its very nature lends strength to other areas of your life. A strong mind will lead to a strong body, and a strong body will only be gotten when you’ve learned how to quiet the voice telling you to quit in your head. Here, we look at what it means to be strong and how it is now more important than ever to be able to “pull your weight”, so to speak.

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Below are a list of key skills necessary to achieve in the gym, and as soon as you have read them you’ll understand why it is such a worthwhile endeavor. Once you’re hooked, you’ll never look back…

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