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Yerba Mate


Yerba Mate (Loose Leaf)

Yerba Mate is an incredibly healthy brew that originates in South America! Packed full of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants, it’s no wonder the drink is so popular. Well, also there’s the fact that Yerba Mate is a stimulant (has caffeine, theobromine and theophylline) and has a host of other natural compounds to help keep you focused. Just what you need to start the day!

You can also try our favourite morning concoction of Yerba, Organic Coconut Oil, and Organic Honey. It tastes delicious, is incredibly healthy, and will give you the boost you need to get your day started on the right foot.

*Those of you more die-hard and in need of neural stimulation first thing in the morning can adapt the bulletproof coffee protocol and mix: Yerba, Ashwagandha, Gingko Leaf, coconut oil, butter and honey. Alternatively,  you can buy our Brain Boost Tea Here! This will give you the base to make your own concoctions. 



Yerba Mate

Ingredients: Yerba Mate (Loose Leaves)

For one cup of Yerba tea, use 4-5 grams (approximately 2 teaspoons) of leaves and then add boiling water. Leave to brew for 3-5 minutes and strain out the leaves. Enjoy!


Allergens: This product was processed in a factory may also have contained nuts, gluten, and dairy, and as such may contain traces of these allergens.


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50 Grams, 100 Grams, 200 Grams

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