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Balance Adaptogen Blend


Balance Adaptogen Blend


This is an incredible blend of known adaptogens and healthful herbs/roots. This blend is designed to help not only bring balance, but also to relieve the symptoms of over-exertion.

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum (Organic), somewhat of an unsung hero with regards its adaptogenic properties, has long been used as a replacement for Panax Ginseng, and has recently been shown to actually have many of the ginsenosides (the active compounds) that were believed to be unique to Panax Ginseng. Gynostemma also contains many unique properties that help level blood sugar. 

Ashwagandha (Organic), probably the best known and most widely researched of all adaptogens, has exploded in popularity over the last ten years and with good reason. It is an exceptionally healthful and protective plant, that has shown in many studies to help with anxiety and stress reduction, wellbeing, to help balance blood sugar, and to have neuro-protective properties.  

Alfalfa Powder is now added to ensure this blend is chocked full of healthy vitamins and minerals, as well as amino acids and even chlorophyll. It is often earmarked as a digestive aid and to help with regularity, which can make it easy to overlook its extensive range of vitamins (multiple B vitamins, A, D, E, K) and minerals (Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium).

Burdock Root is generally used to “tonify” the blood and is high in antioxidants, as well as helping with digestion. Burdock can act as a mild diuretic.

Siberian Ginseng – Eleutherococcus (Organic), is another potent adaptogen. It is believed to help with cognitive function, while also helping to balance blood sugar.

Gotu Kola (Organic), has a long list of health benefits, but is probably best known for its uses with cognitive health, increasing blood-flow, helping with memory, and also helping reduce collagen breakdown (which is part of the reason Gotu Kola was traditional used for  healing wounds).


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Ingredients: Organic Gynostemma, Organic Ashwagandha, Alfalfa Powder, Burdock Root Powder, Organic Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus) Powder, Organic Ginkgo Biloba Powder

Directions: Take 1 serving of 521 Balance Adaptogen Blend, 2 times a day. Can be mixed with warm milk (or a milk substitute), juice, or water. Do not exceed stated dose. Keep out of reach of children.

Ingredients Per 7 Gram Serving: Organic Gynostemma (3gm) , Organic Ashwagandha (1.5gm) , Alfalfa Powder (1gm), Burdock Root Powder (0.5gm), Organic Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus) Powder (0.5gm), Organic Ginkgo Biloba Powder (0.5gm)


Allergens: This product was processed in a factory that may also have contained nuts, gluten, soya and dairy, and as such may contain traces of these allergens. For more information, please contact us for details about packaging and QA


None of the products sold by 521-healthdrinks are meant to be used for treating any medical issues, lack of friends, lack of hair (top or bottom), or lack of Bruce Lee like kung fu skills. Please be responsible when buying our products, meaning that you meet us half way. We are responsible for providing the highest quality of supplements, and have a duty to help you reach your goals through transparent information, nutrition and exercise advice, and a genuine desire to help you succeed. For any kind of appreciable health benefits, it’s generally necessary to make alterations to both lifestyle and diet, with supplements playing an important but supplementary role (i.e not a substitute for a healthy diet, nor an excuse to eat crap).

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