Organic Wholefoods, Cereals & Snacks

Organic Wholefoods & Cereals


DELICIOUS, HEALTHY, LOW COST organic wholefoods, snacks and cooking ingredients! Almost all of these products are ORGANIC, and anywhere we couldn’t find organic to use, we have a completely ALL NATURAL substitute. Looking for a healthy snack??? Well, LOOK NO FURTHER!!



ProductProduct DescriptionProduct Information
Cacao Powder - print ready521 Organic Cacao Powder

Incredibly healthy, and perfect for making hot chocolates or cooking!

Full of exceptional fats, fibre, vitamins, and micronutrients, Cacao is a must for healthy deliciousness (and combines well with coconut or honey!)
Organic Cacao Powder (125gm) €3.99
Chia Seeds521 Organic Chia Seeds

Super healthy, full of nutrients, and don’t have a strong taste so can be added to your delicious bread, smoothie, or cereal mixes
Organic Chia Seeds (125gm) €2.29

Organic Chia Seeds (250gm) €3.99
Cranberries521 Organic Cranberries (Soaked in Apple Juice)

These taste as good as they sound, are fully organic, and full of goodness!
Organic Cranberries (Soaked in Apple Juice) 125gm - €3.99

Organic Cranberries (Soaked in Apple Juice) 250gm - 6.99

Organic Cranberries (Soaked in Apple Juice) 500gm - €12.99
Goji Berries521 Organic Goji Berries (Dried)

Now a staple in many healthy diets, Goji are full of healthy fibre, vitamins and nutrients. Goji is also believed to be a "qi" tonic.
Organic Dried Goji Berries (125gm) €4.99
Seed Mix521 Organic Seed Mix

Incredibly nutritious and high in ω-3’s, our seed mix can be added to just about anything!

Organic Seeds: Flax, Hemp, Chia, Pumpkin, Sesame
Organic Seeds Mix (150gm) €2.99
Cacao Nibs521 Organic Cacao Nibs

Full of incredibly healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and (believe it or not) fibre!
Organic Cacao Nibs (125gm) €3.49
Flax Whole521 Organic Flax Seed (Whole)

Flax is an excellent source of fibre, though it needs to be broken/crushed to allow the healthy fats and nutrients to be absorbed during digestion. Can add a wonderful nutty flavour to baking.
Organic Flax Seeds (200gm) €2.49
Flax Ground521 Organic Flax Seed (Ground)

Great for adding to cooking or cereals or smoothies to bring up the fiber and healthy fat content!
Organic Ground Flax (250gm) €2.75
Oat Bran521 Organic Oat Bran

An exceptional source of fiber and nutrients (yes, even the magic β-Glucan). Exceptional value for a wonderful array of benefits!
Organic Oat Bran (200gm) €1.89




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