Little Steps…

Big changes are,

more often than not, brought about through little steps in the right (or wrong) direction. Below are some links to NGO’s and Charities that we feel are making a genuine difference, have their hearts in the right place, and will leave you feeling happier just having given a little time to read about (and hopefully support) their cause.

 Mountains (Minus Laura)Little steps can bring you to places you never thought possible


Adopt an ElephantAfrican Elephant Baby and Mom

If you have (and we sincerely hope you haven’t) been surprised with pictures of how elephant ivory is obtained on Facebook, you’ll know why these amazing creatures need protection. And if you’ve been lucky enough to watch some of the recent wildlife/zoo tv series, you’ll know how heart-warming it is to see elephants active and playing in their herd.




Adopt a Snow Leopard

Potentially not as cuddly in real life as the teddy offered to those who donate to the charity. These are hugely endangered, and majestic animals.




Dogs Trustlittle dog

Gandhi once said “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. This statement should be cause for reflection when we see how some of our domestic animals are treated.





Action Aid

Helping those vulnerable to discrimination and poverty, Action Aid fights to bring their suffering to light and alleviate their suffering where possible. Donate here



The Simon Community 

With homelessness becoming more and more prevalent, any help will be much appreciated.




Amnesty International

Candles for freedomRenowned worldwide for their tireless efforts to bring injustices to public attention. AI are hugely proactive in their approach to fighting injustice, and like to push the envelope when it comes to showing the harsh realities that some people face on a daily basis.

AI host a range of fund-raising events throughout the year and accept both donations and volunteer help.



An Cosán

An Cosán aims to help people develop themselves through education.





Here are some causes that you may not have heard of before,

but are definitely worth a look…





Effective Altruism

Effective Altruism looks to apply science and logic to giving. A base desire to help others, coupled with the foresight to do so in an effective manner, is what will drive humanity forward.


Temple of Peace Lumbhini

Give Well

The aim of Give Well is to maximize returns on limited resources by finding underfunded but well thought-out charities, and giving you access to them. The old test prep. idea of it being easier to get from 40% to 70%, than it is to get from 80% to 90%, is very true. Working on underfunded areas will provide substantial progress for minimal resources, and conceptually the idea of having many grass-roots charities as opposed to a few conglomerate charities is appealing.



**For those looking to change career path, 80,000 Hours is worth a look.